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Racist portrayals of Martin Luther King Jr. as a “squirrel” or “rodent” go far beyond running a made-up gaffe in a puzzle. In fact, such racism should be absolutely unacceptable in any context on any page of a major metropolitan newspaper. I urge anyone reading this who receives any newspaper which runs Mallard Fillmore to contact the editors and express your outrage. I don’t mind a comic strip poking fun at liberals — I really don’t. I rarely find the comic funny, but then I wouldn’t, would I? But unfunniness or seeing liberals skewered is not the basis for my complaint. I don’t complain when the comic does so, as that’s what I expect from reading it. However, today the comic went too far. It crossed a line that should never be crossed. Because it did so, I would ask you to join me in sending an unmistakable message to any newspaper who pays money to run Mallard Fillmore.
Mallard Fillmore Goes Too Far (via azspot)

(via azspot)

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