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Washboard — Tumblr Savior for mobile devices

Hello, Tumblr! Over the last few months I’ve been working on a project that brings keyword blacklisting to mobile devices, and it’s finally ready for the public. If you’re not familiar, Tumblr Savior is a browser extension that allows users to hide posts containing certain keywords or tags. It works great for desktops, but it can’t be used on phones or tablets, and the official Tumblr apps don’t offer any alternatives.

That’s where Washboard steps in: just sign in with Tumblr, import your blacklist from Tumblr Savior, and start browsing! Washboard also features infinite scrolling, a “Safe Mode” toggle that hides images, and a few other features that make mobile browsing as painless as possible.

Any questions or suggestions? Send me an ask or tag a post #washboard.ws and I’ll look at it as soon as possible!

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