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Pritzker turns heat lamps on striking Hyatt workers


It was already approaching 100° at 8 a.m. when I arrived at the Park Hyatt where, after 22 months of stalled negotiations, hotel workers were staging a one-day picket to protest the hotel chain’s intolerable treatment of their housekeeping staff.

In case you didn’t know, Hyatt is owned by the Pritzker family. Heiress Penny Sue Pritzker chairs Obama’s national campaign finance committee. She is also big player in Democratic Party politics as well as in the world of anti-union, corporate school reform and was recently appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to a seat on the Chicago school board.

Pritzker’s response to the Park Hyatt strikers was to turn on the hotel’s powerful heating lamps to try and bake the workers into submission on this brutally hot day. But this seemingly inhuman and probably illegal response seemed to have had just the opposite effect. Picketers began chanting, “Hyatt can’t take the heat, but we can!” The lamps were left on until word got out and media began to show up.

This is completely wrong, and I would think constitutes reckless endangerment. I will never stay at a Hyatt again.

At least she can claim she’s working on Job Creation.

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    JACKASSES! It’s like they dont even recognize these are fellow humans, people with real feelings and insides just like...
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    - How can you even think of doing this ? Ew.
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    At least she can claim she’s working on Job Creation.
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    Wow, stay classy and mature, Corporate America.
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